Traditional Area Rugs
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Traditional area rugs have been used for centuries, area rugs were generally used to act as a barrier protecting the floors and adding warmth during the winter season.  Area rugs have ivolved over the years into the design main stream and grew more in popularity for much more than adding warmth.  Traditional area rugs can create a cozy environment and bring the entire look together into one focal point. 

Rugco teams up with many Orange County designers to provide some of the most beautiful traditional area rugs in Orange County and surrounding areas.  A wide selection of traditional area rugs and contemporary area rugs are available in our Fountain Valley rug store, with affordable prices to satisfy any critic and any budget.

Our area rug store in Fountain Valley acts as a rug show room for residents and designers alike.  You are welcome to view a few of the traditional rugs online and come in to Rugco in Fountain Valley for a wider selection to choose from.